CLOUD Data Acquisition & Computing services

The CLOUD Data Acquisition & Computing services are designed to provide data, meta-data and instrument computing integration at running time and optimized access to the cloud raw and processed data at all times.

1 Outside CERN or on the CERN network (wireless and cable)

1.1 Software access (NEW)

The Aeroplot data plotting and data access tool.

1.2 Cloud@U.Lisboa mirror:

1.3 In the CLOUD wired private LAN

2 DAQ/Documentation Service

3 CLOUD extended abstract list

4 CLOUD 8 planning

5 Instrument description overview

The list in Table 1↓ is an integrated view of the instruments that are or have been attached to the CLOUD chamber.
Instrument Institution Contact@CERN PC
Sampling analyzers
Condensation particle counter (CPC) PSI/Univ. Frankfurt
Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS) PSI
Expansion condensation particle counter (Expansion CPC) Univ. Frankfurt
Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometer (PTR-MS) Univ. Innsbruck
Chemical ion mass spectrometer (CIMS) Univ. Frankfurt
Atmospheric ion spectrometer (AIS) Univ. Helsinki
Programmable ion mass spectrometer (PIMS) Univ. Reading
Mobile SANC (MSANC) Univ. Vienna
Leipzig aerosol cloud interaction simulator (LACIS) IfT Leipzig
Cloud Condensation Nucleus counter (CCN counter) IfT Leipzig
SO2 analyzer IfT Leipzig
O3 analyzer Univ. Innsbruck
Optical analyzers
Constant Angle Mie Scattering detector (CAMS) Univ.Vienna
Charge Coupled Device stereo camera (CCD stereo camera) RAL
Ice particle detector Univ. Frankfurt
Chamber instrumentation
Thermometers Univ. Frankfurt
Pressure gauges Univ. Frankfurt
Si photodiodes (UV) Univ. Lisbon
Dew point sensors Univ. Frankfurt
Fieldcage HV CERN
CERN PS/T11 beam
GCR monitor CERN
Beam hodoscope CERN
Beam control CERN
Table 1 Subsystems or instruments in CLOUD
The main tasks defined previously, can help generalize the communications with the subsystems. All the systems have updated files as data storage, some are ASCII and some are binary files, implying that the DAQ must be able to store data that are fetched from files made available by the different CLOUD subsystems.

6 Team

António Amorim António Tomé Stefan Weber João Simões
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antonio.amorim at artome at at jalmeida at

6.1 Previous Collaborators

7 Tutorial

7.1 The AeroDax application.